Saturday, February 26, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 09 - Your Favourite TV Show

Man.. this is a hard one as I am a TV addict. I love television. It's an art form. I would say I have two favourite. The first is... GILMORE GIRLS. It is witty, smart, quick, heartfelt, genuine, hilarious and has gotten me through a lot of hard time. I know that's lame, but TV was my babysitter growing up, so it's only natural that I turned to it in later years. I love the creator, Amy Sherman Palladino, I would love to sit down for a convo with her for an afternoon. She is GENIUS... and Lauren Graham is my hero in this series. Check out the pic below and see how I look when Lorelai'd. :)

My second favourite TV Show would have to be, Six Feet Under. It is brilliant, ahead of its time, funny, dark, REAL while hyperbolic, interesting and spiritual. Yes, spiritual. It is probably the best television show ever made. The last episode is trans formative. I swear, I'm not being dramatic.

Here are some of my other favourite TV shows:

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