Thursday, January 6, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

... I was a cosmopolitan city girl. Well... as close to a cosmopolitan city girl as I'm ever going to come. For eight glorious months, I shared a freakin' sweet apartment with some freakin' amazing girls. (Here's one of them. She's amazing. Trust.)

Here are my roomies on the day Lisa left us for Sask (and then eventually Ireland, where she ended up marrying an Irishman! See post here.)

But that's okay, we trotted on without here (literally, trotted... Devo and I did a lot of trotting... and a lot of other crazy, weird, and HILARIOUS things during those eight months, I'd say "don't ask" but most of it is on Facebook.) Here is one of our more refined moments with some other lovely ladies.

I did a lot of fun things during my time as an official Torontonian. Like "entertaining":

I also spent a fair amount of time talking on my lime-green cell phone on our massive balcony/patio.

I loved this cell phone.

I also went to the Toronto International Film Festival and saw the Dixie Chicks... I'm pretty sure Carrie Bradshaw would have stood in the pouring rain and waited across the street for them to exit their limo, only to have them turn around and wave... right?

Check out our building.. can you see how massive those balconies are? That's a big deal in the T.Dot. We had a couch out there. And tiki laterns. And ash trays. And devo had plants. And Mr. Miyagi had a litter box. Who's Mr. Miyagi you ask?

THIS. THIS is Mr. Miyagi. aka Mr. Boo.

Once again, the ladies who made my time as a city girl so memorable.

And a special shout out to this lady:

How can you not look at this picture and not laugh at the sheer ridiculous-ness of it? Devo! In all seriousness, I love you. You taught me a lot during that 8 month period and I am forever grateful.

Here's to you:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


There's something so special about this video. Makes my heart happy.