Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ireland 2010

I'm too lazy to go through each picture and explain but let me say, The Irish countryside is BEAUTIFUL. Kilkenny was BEAUTIFUL. Dublin....... well let's just say, not my cup of tea. Still, it was good to see nonetheless! And they had Tim Hortons there so it wasn't tooo bad. I went for my friend Lisa's wedding. Lisa and I were roommates in Toronto and she moved to Ireland a year before I moved to Dubai, and met an irishman and now she's living in a tiny town outside of Kilkenny (which is so adorable and so quaint, it's like an Irish Starshallow) Our mutual friend Adam and his girlfriend Cat (also fellow Canadians who now live in Glasgow) came over the event. It was the BEST TIME EVER. We laughed so much and just everything flowed. It was so refreshing.

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  1. I can't even wait to go there! Love these pics they are Beautiful! So jealous and so glad you were able to go! LOVE YOU!