Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Amman, Jordan - April 2010

In April, Farrah and I travelled to Amman, Jordan for our friend's sister's wedding. That's the way it works in Arab culture, if your sister (or brother, cousin, extended family member) is getting married you invite all of your friends to attend. The wedding was at the Four Seasons and was probably the classiest wedding I've ever been to. Every detail was taken care and every thing was PERFECT. It really was more like a performance than a wedding. They had lighting and one of those cameras that is on a long arm that can zoom up and down and pan the room (like in a tv studio). It was really nice, plus their family was sooooooooooooooooooo sweet and so kind. Below are pictures of the wedding and also some of the sights in Jordan. We went to the Dead Sea and it was amazing. You really do float! There is no dunking yourself under, the sea catapults you right back up (trust me, I tried, because I failed to read the rules that you should avoid going underwater, because the water is so saturated by salt that it can cause damage to your eyes, I decided to dunk myself under and the ocean kicked my ass out... in retrospect it was pretty funny but i had to stand in the ocean, while my friend went to shore and brought me a towel and a bottle of water to wash my eyes out...) We also went to Mount Nebo, the place where Moses was shown the promised land. We drove allllllll the way to the baptismal site of Jesus but I was disgusted by the tourist attraction they turned it into and the men who ran it were total pervs (actually, most of the men in jordan are total pervs unless you're wearing the hijab) Anyway, pics below!

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