Friday, June 24, 2011

Amen Tina Fey.

I love tina fey. In fact, I love all smart, funny, sassy, intelligent, brassy women. This quote means a lot to me right now.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I can't tell you..

how many times i have been this girl.

I've traveled alone for 95% of my traveling career and when I do travel with others, I usually meet up with them at our destination. There is nothing like the anticipation of landing in a new city after a long flight. I love the colours outside the window in this picture. To me, it just represents all of the possibilities and exciting adventures and experiences that take place at the other end of a plane ride. It is magical.

I miss traveling. Last year I visited 5 countries. We are six months into this year and I've been Dubai-side for the entire time. I think that's a record for me. I am going a bit stir-crazy. Also, I just started a new job, so it makes traveling difficult.

I would like to go to Asia next. Maybe Thailand. Maybe the Phillipines. Or ya never know, Canada just might be my next destination. I need some Swiss Chalet pkg's anyway.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


He is absolutely inspired and extremely talented aaaand about a million times sexier than any other male musician on the market today. I've seen him live 3 times and will go again when the opportunity presents itself. My personal fav album of his is his first "Room for Squares". I identify with every single song on there. However, this song has spoken to me tonight. I think because it's sung in a register that I can actually handle. I have quite the Tracey Chapman voice (another singer I love). So for now, enjoy "I'm on Fire" (which I actually just learned is a Sprinsteen song!) from John's latest album - Battle Studies.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aaaand then my life changed.

after I watched this!!

When I was in Ireland last year, someone told me my ancestors were gypsys... I didn't really understand the significance of the comment until this little gem came into my life. Oh, deary me. I was hooked after the first 30 seconds. I'm not sure what I love more... the accents, the fact that they all look like they have implants, the skettelley, scandalous clothing, the little boy using "JC" in vain on the way to his first communion, the larger than life weddings/dresses/accessories or josie's hiddeeeouuuss wedding dress that shows her legs but is 8 miles wide in the back. It is FASCINATING.

The entire culture is shocking. It's hard to believe this kind of lifestyle exists in the 21st century.

This is Paddy Doherty. He is large and in charge. He would never have to ask me something twice because even through the TV screen he scares the living crap out of me. There is something very mafioso about him and the rest of the gypsy lifestyle. Like I said... FASCINATING.

A definite MUST-WATCH.