Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Paris, France - November 2010

Ahhhh Paris (pronounced Pair-eeee|) - J'adore Paris!!!!! We only had a one day stop over on our way to my brother's wedding in Dominican Republic. It was rainy and chilly (I actually enjoyed the weather, it was a nice change from Dubai but terrible for my camera) but the city..... incredible. I could seriously live there for years and never fully absorb everything. The history, the culture, the vibe, the people..... the FOOD. Oh my gosh... the food... AMAZING. Everything tastes good, even if it's crap, it's still amazing. My favourite parts of course were the Eiffel Tower and especially the Arc de Triomph. I also ate at this trendy cafe called "The Yuppie Cafe" stands for Young Urban Professional People... it was so cool.... Here are the pics!!! I will go back one day! Preferably in the summer!

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