Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holland 2010

Oh Holland... land that I love!!!! (My second favourite country, next to Canada of course!) I could live in the Netherlands for sure. The dutch are family oriented, fun and tolerant people. Their history goes sooooo far back and they have many things they have seen and built and memorialized. The history and culture in Amsterdam is....... beyond amazing. The dutch have a soft spot for Canadians, as we were the ones who liberated them in WW2. This was my second trip (my darling friend Nicole and her family were along for the trip this time - they have family in rotterdam so it was cool to go there) and definitely won't be my last. Below are the pics, I could post millions but here are just a few!

Dutch Architecture

Bicycles! They are everywhere, the dutch ride their bikes with their babies and kids in tow (I've seen at least 4 people on a bike, 3 kids in the back, one mom driving it and a baby in the front basket - it's crazy) and they don't stop for pedestrians so it takes you a few days to get used to looking for bikes before you cross the street!

Anne Frank House. I didn't see it the first time I went because the line was atrocious but this time I knew better and went early in the morning and only ended up waiting about 10 mins. It was cool to be in the actual place where the diary was written and they have done an excellent job of preserving it. The steps up to the annex are really steep... like almost like you're climbing a ladder. Most of Anne's scrapbook pictures (the ones she posted of movie stars from magazines) are still plastered to the wall and probably the neatest thing to see was Mrs. Frank's etchings on the wall, marking each child's height and how they much they grew over the years. The diaries are also there (under glass of course) and the museum is reallly well done, there are videos of people who knew Anne and her family, speaking after the holocaust (1960's each) and each room is narrated.

Canals! They are loveliest at night time when they are all lit up and sparkling.... The best thing is to get the hop on-hop off canal boat and cruise the canals for hours and just relax.... the guides also give you great insider info (depending on who you get)

Old Skoo' Windmills!

Famous Delft Pottery. I bought a Christmas ornament and Nic bough two vases.

Madurodam, a miniature village outside of Amsterdam, showing all the most important buildings and scenes in Holland but at 1/8th the size (or something like that) Here is a liberation parade!! GO CANADA!

Dutch Countryside, just add some tulips and you've got The Best Two Years!

An amsterdam alleyway and a vespa (aka when I move to Europe, my first purchase!!! love them!)

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