Sunday, February 20, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 07 - ABC Survey

a - attached or single: single
b- best friend: I have a grand collection.
c- cake or pie: cake. unless it's rhubarb/strawberry pie.
d- day of choice: friday.
e- Essential item: macbook, blackberry (previously iPhone), dental floss, perfume, sunglasses
f- favorite color: blue.
g- gummi bears or worms: worms.
h- hometown: richmond hill, ontario, canada
i- indulgence(s): trashy tv, american politics (same thing)
j- january or july: January.
k- kids: none.
l- life is incomplete without: self esteem.
m- marriage date: rub it in, why don't ya?
n- number of siblings: 1. Greg
o- oranges or apples: Apples. And ORanges.
p- phobias of fears: cotton and death.
q- quote(s): "It takes courage to grow up, and become who you really are."
r- reason to smile: there are others out there who are like me.
s- season: fall. In Canada. Before the snow.
t- tag three: Janet. Devo. Amanda.
u- unknown fact about me: My date dumped me the night before my high school prom.
v- vegetarian or oppressor of animal: I love meat.
w- worst habit: eating.
x- x-rays or ultrasounds: depends on the purpose.
y- your favorite food: mexican. cafe rio mmmmm... or swiss chalet of course.
z- zodiac: Capricorn

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  1. LOVE THIS! What am I supposed to do with the tag? Loved reading things I knew and learning things I didn't and somehow I missed day 4-6 going back to look right now LOVE YOU!