Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I need...

... to break out of my shell of only taking pictures of dogs and babies. The only problem is, my life revolves around dogs and babies! I am only 6 weeks away from freedom tho... which is exciting and terrifying.... Anyway, here are some pics that I've taken lately that do not involve dogs, OR babies!

Here is a picture that was taken in my neighbourhood... just weird to see portraits of arab men and women just sitting outside of a building! I wonder if they are leaders of a certain country or just family members... anyway, just one of the many strange things Dubai has to offer!

Here is a pic taken from our balcony of the Burj Dubai at sunset... the Sun is seriously HUGE in the middle east.. like 3 times the size it is in Canada or the US... the burj Dubai... oops, my bad, the Burj Khalifa as they've renamed it, is about 20 km from our house... YA, it's that tall.

I went to Jordan for a friend's wedding and it was gorgeous... the weather was like heaven and the scenery was definitely something to see! All the men were perverts tho... anyway, here is the dead sea, which you really do float in... ps - if you ever go, don't drink the water or get it in your eyes... i did and almost went blind.

My life the past eight years... "anywhere but here"...

sigh... I am grateful to be where I am, to do the things I've done and to see the extraordinary things I've seen. but to be honest... at times, it gets a little old and every now and then I feel a twinge of the need for a "home". Siiiiggghhh... I am way emotional tonight, so let's end it there!

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  1. Spice,
    My heart is heavy knowing you are having an emotional day but at the same time I feel like emotional days are good things. I love your pics and laughed out loud that you only take pics of dogs and babies! You're AMAZING and don't let anyone tell you or make you feel otherwise. You're following your dreams which takes courage and more guts than most people will ever even dream of! I love you Sister! You Inspire me to be better Thank You for being WONDERFULLY, INSPIRING, BEAUTIFULLY YOU!
    Love Sugar