Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blogging is HARD!

I'll be the first to admit that I harass people to blog. Hello! You made a blog for a reason - UPDATE IT! But to quote John Lennon "life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans" so I do realize that life gets in the way of our documentation. (Please note, this does not mean I will stop harassing, I just maybe be more understanding when you make your excuses! :)

So, stuff is definitely UP with me.

Business Barbie - I am starting my own business. THERE. I said it. That's all you get for now because I live in a country and culture that is highly superstitious and "When in Rome..." as they say.

Travelocity - I've booked two plane tickets in the past two weeks. One is on an airline I've never heard of and I'm kinda scared to fly it because the price was so ridiculously cheap... I hope all the passengers don't have to stick their feet through the bottom of the plane and all start running at the same time so we can get momentum to get off the runway (you know, like the Flintstones?????) haha... PRAY FOR ME.

Baby Spice -
I am "broody" as the Brits say. I am excited about the things in my life but my biological clock is ticking... Two of my very close friends here have had babies four months apart and sometimes I think I might squeeze them too hard because I just LOVE them so much!!!!!!!! They'll have to do for now because there aint no ring on this finger!

Hymns - I have been listening to a lot of spiritual music lately. It is so comforting and really helps to keep me grounded during this exciting time in my life. Tonight, I'll leave you with this as I contemplate the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and just my general travels in life around this world and just MARVEL at how INCREDIBLE God is and how mind blowing his creations are.

(BLOGGER is being a buttface and won't let me make the link so you can click on it - so there, just copy and paste! You won't regret it! TRUST!)

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  1. How about I LOVE YOU! You are inspiring sister! Laughed out loud at flinstoning it there... whats the airline? Good for you and Hymns I loved to read that! Life is good! I will update soon I tried last week and our computer was wigging out so perhaps tonight :)