Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day of Love

Today.... I am grateful.

I might not always see the whole picture and I may have doubts when I should have faith but right now, I am experiencing a moment of clarity. I am so grateful for those who have provided me the essentials that I would have otherwise missed out on. Right now, I am grateful for the bad things as well as the good things. I am grateful for those who have loved me when I have felt at my most unlovable...for those who continue to inspire and uplift me... for those who make it easier for me to deal and to cope and in turn, to grow and to be better and do better and want better and create better. I am grateful for those who help me to recognize these blessings and to understand where they come from. This is my own personal miracle and I have God to thank for it.


  1. how about I LOVE the caption on your blog! It is SOO YOU and I LOVE IT! You're inspiring Kayla you are you and AMAZING! I LOVE YOU!

  2. So Aubrey told me how you kinda stalk my blog... Now I'm going to stalk yours but I'll actually leave comments every once in a while.