Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grey's Addiction

So, I'm not really one to follow fads... I mean, I either really like something before anyone else knows about it, or I generally wait until the hype dies down and then I get addicted. So here's to my latest addiction: Grey's Anatomy. I've heard people rant and rave about this show for the longest time and I always kinda rolled my eyes at the thought of "McDreamy" and brushed it off as another boring medical drama that is totally redundant and unnecessary... but I started watching this show when my friend and I decided to do low cost Christmas gifts this year and she requested for me to download all the seasons of Grey's Anatomy and put them on a DVD for her. So I did just that and I started watching the first epsiode... and then the second... and I've found that underneath all the hype, is a really awesome, funny and dramatic show. Oh and best of all, it's not raunchy like a soap opera. So, if you're not into it - WATCH IT. My friend still hasn't gotten her Christmas gift yet because I've been too concentrated on watching the episodes!) Oh, and Sandra Oh is in it and she's like phenomenal... and she's Canadian.

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