Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kelly Spice

This may be a story Dubai-ans may only be able to appreciate but I will try to describe accurately. The receptionists at my gym are obviously instructed to try and remember our names. I've had a few encounters of these types of instances but this one takes the cake. These women are all skinny filipinas who are dying to be the next American Idol (the literally sing top 40 hits at the top of their lungs while walking through the gym, in the bathroom, change room, etc).. some of them are cute, some are way annoying. Guess which one this was.

Receptionist: "Hi... Kath.... Kathy??"
K (smiling politely): "No, it's Kayla, actually"
R: "Kerya?"
K: "Kay-luh."
R: "Kayla"
K: "Exactly.. hehehe"

We exchange polite giggles.

Okay so, I go into the gym, get my ass kicked by the Bulgarian monster... just kidding, she's really sweet.... I grab my stuff and go to leave and as I"m leaving the same receptionist calls after me...

"Bye Kelly!!!!"

OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME! From now on, my name is Kelly. That's it.

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