Friday, August 13, 2010

Some Things I Need to get off my Chest!

#1- I hate Dr. Oz on Oprah. He is so creepy looking and always looks like he has cold fingers. Eww gross.

#2- I am definitely going to be on that show "Hoarders" in about ten years. WHY CAN'T I THROW THINGS AWAY???????? Part of me feels like it's bad karma??? I have issues, I know.

#3- I am addicted to cake decorating shows... it's a sickness. Someone please save me.


  1. #1 I've seen Dr Oz like twice in my life.. he creeps me out big time I love that you notice his hands LOL!

    #2 I LOVE watching Hoarders... I would love to be the organizer on that when you are on please call me and I will come help you sort thru your life LOL

    #3 I LOVE CAKE BOSS!!!! Is that the one you watch holy cow I LOVE that show so I can't help save you! I keep waiting for our cable to get turned off so I can't be addicted anymore

    LOVE YOU MORE!!!!!!

  2. hahaha i knew you could relate!! yes cake boss is awesome and the food network cake challenges are the bommmbbb!!! love you sis!