Monday, July 12, 2010

Surveys are SO grade 12, but I found this one and liked it!

Location: DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (which is not in Saudi Arabia:)

One Word that Describes You: Yikes, this is hard. I asked two of my friends what they would say, one said paranoid (which is totally true) and the other said generous. That was surprising to me. I would say, Patient.

What makes you smile? Babies and Puppies. Seeing others happy. I'm a total wimp.

What is one of your dreams you hope to accomplish soon? Becoming an entrepreneur.

One of Your favorite moments with your mother? Road trips and listening and singing to Trisha Yearwood.

What is your guilty pleasure? I love Miley Cyrus. THERE I SAID IT. Her songs are just so damn catchy.

What do you love most about you? I love that I'm not a cheapo.

Favorite food? Anything Mexican but not spicy. I'm Canadian, we like our food bland and salty.

Who is your hero? I have way too many to name. So many have saved me :) Today it is my Dad.

Your top tips to other busy women that want to stay on to of fashion in their wardrobes?

I am a fashion victim of the greatest proportions so I guess I cannot really comment, but I think common sense tells me to stick with the basics and accessorize with the trends... oh and heels are BS, you should always wear flats. That is all.


  1. This is another reason why I LOVE YOU! I laughed histarically as I could imagine you replying to these... Miley Cyrus so funny! She is talented! And Heels are BS HA HA HA Still laughing out loud! Patience... not what I thought you might say and I 100% agree with the generous comment I would have said the same thing! LOVE YOU! You will be sucessful sister!

  2. You're tooooooo kind!! love you like crazy! ahahaha i'm glad i amuse you! hahah