Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy's Girl

So, some of my co-workers like to tease me that I am a Daddy's Girl.... well - IT'S TRUE. I totally am. I'm so grateful that in recent years, I've been able to spend Father's day with my Dad! My Dad moved overseas when I was 13 and would only come back to visit every August or September so, in those days, Father's Day usually included a phone call and e-card and no actual observance of the holiday!

SO, today, I made my Dad a special dinner including bbq chicken, potatoes au gratin (I made a roux for the first time - barefoot contessa eat your heart out) and steamed asparagus. I also got him these lovely cupcakes from "Sweet Stuff" my faaaaaavourite cupcake place in Dubai and a nice little card. All in all, it was a good day! Happy Father's Day Daddy, even though you know nothing about this blog (and never will!)


  1. You made your first roux, congrats! And yumm..cupcakes are the ultimate celebratory treat!

  2. thanks gf! I was quite proud of my skills in domesticity!